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An affordable solution for any size firm, the AuditWatch Productivity Locator provides you with valuable information on how your engagements are being executed. We will review files from four of your assurance engagement and will look for opportunities to improve quality, efficiency and consistency. We will communicate our findings to firm management via a face-to-face or web-based meeting. The benefits to a firm include a third-party evaluation of assurance productivity, a roadmap to where to focus improvement efforts and a list of important productivity concepts to emphasize to your professionals.

Our program will provide feedback on the following areas.

  • Planning and Risk Assessment: Are teams doing everything they should? Do they know where to cut-back or dig deeper? When it comes to the whole risk assessment process, do they “get it”?
  • Evaluating Internal Controls:
  • Are teams evaluating controls accurately? Do they know what they’re looking for? Can they focus on what really matters without spending several hours compiling insufficient information?
  • Planning a True Risk-Based Audit: Are teams focusing on risk? Does the team identify and document the risks that drive strong audit procedures?
  • Performing Strong Audit Procedures: Are teams designing strong analytical procedures? Do they sample correctly? Are they picking the most effective and efficient procedures?
  • Other Important Topics: AuditWatch will also provide feedback we have related to documentation, client management, methodology, etc.

Conducted by our experienced AuditWatch consultants, this program is designed to aid firm leadership in recognizing, framing, and prioritizing the opportunities for improvement that exist within the firm.


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