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An affordable solution for any size firm, the AuditWatch Productivity Locator for Review Engagements provides you with valuable information on how your reviews are being executed. We will examine two of your review engagement files and look for opportunities to improve quality, efficiency and consistency.

We will communicate our findings to review practitioners via a web-based conference call and will provide feedback on the following areas:

• Planning and risk assessment
• Engagement management
• Performing inquiries
• Performing strong analytical procedures
• Avoiding unnecessary procedures
• Reviewing evidence and documentation
• Differentiating between bookkeeping procedures and review procedures
• Other quality and efficiency topics

Conducted by our experienced AuditWatch consultants, this program is designed to aid review practitioners and firm leadership in recognizing, framing, and prioritizing the opportunities for improvement that exist within review engagements.

For more information on AuditWatch Consulting Services please
call us at +1 800 431 9025.

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