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Training Philosophies

AuditWatch has worked hard to be considered as the premier training organization in the audit profession. We believe our reputation stems from two critical factors:

  • Extremely experienced instructors and facilitators who undergo extensive training to further improve their skills

  • Course design and content that is painstakingly designed and constructed to achieve the best results

Every AuditWatch seminar must meet three criteria and we ensure they are met. Our seminars must be:

Practical: Attendees will learn realistic and relevant methods that apply in the “real world”

Engaging: Attendees are encouraged to express challenges and concerns from their day-to-day experiences. We strongly promote interaction and participation by including thought-provoking exercises.

Enjoyable: AuditWatch wants you to be engaged and engrossed by what you’re learning. Thus, we focus on presenting the material in the most entertaining style possible.

Most importantly, we continually examine participant evaluations, changes in the industry and feedback from clients and instructors to make modifications to our courses on an annual basis.


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